I gotta be totally honest, if I were to go on the game show "Wheel of Fortune" I would absolutely walk away with zero winnings.  I am TERRIBLE at this game.

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But, this couple from Grand Rapids walked away with over $65 grand!  And they won their money in the most Minnesota way ever.

Ashley and Chris Walker appeared on the episode that aired on Feb. 12, having taken part in filming a month earlier, and walked away with $65,900. Of that sum, $50,000 came from the bonus round that included a clue of "What are you doing?" Leaving them with puzzle to solve:  _ _ NDL_N_  _P

When i looked a what the puzzle was that they had to solve I still didn't know what it was... see?  Terrible at this game.  I had to see the video and then see the answer and had a total "oh, yeah, that's it" moment.  And yes, it really is a "Minnesota moment".  Although if it would have had the "ope" in there that would have been more Minnesota.

But anyway, the answer was "Bundling Up".  And they responded with "we're from Minnesota so, BUNDLING UP".  And they were correct.  That bonus round got them an extra $50K which brought their total winnings to $65,900.  Not a bad day.

I always have felt like no one we know would ever get onto any of these game shows, but recently it's been ticking up with more and more people from the midwest doing well on game shows.  It used to always be people from California.  Try it - you might just win something.

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