This has been a topic that has been talked about to no end.  And it seemed like the restrictions that were put upon the state over a year ago to "flatten the curve" were never going to be fully lifted.  There was even a time when they were partially lifted, and then brought back again.  No one wants that situation over.

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It looks as though right now things are going to be going back to "normal" by this Summer.  And by Summer I mean the unofficial kick off to summer which is Memorial Day.

The official announcement will come today around noon.  This is what it looks like:

This Friday- restrictions will be lifted for any outdoor function.  That includes dining, music events, get-togethers, etc.  The mask mandate will also end for those gatherings unless there is more than 500 people.

May 28, which is the Friday before Memorial Day, will mark the end of capacity limits and social distancing for indoors. This will help out small businesses, restaurants and bars all over the state.  Seating available indoor and outdoors will help so much. Now, if they can get staff to cover these places, that would be awesome.

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By July 1, if there has been at least 70% of the population receiving the COVID vaccination, the mask mandate will end. Although, the state says that could end sooner.  Should we have a mask burning party in celebration?  I'm kidding... kind of.

Gov Walz is stating that it seems like the right time to lift the restrictions as most "at-risk" Minnesotans have received the vaccine.

“Our nation-leading vaccination effort has put us in a strong position to safely transition toward life as we used to know it,” Walz said. “The pandemic is not over and we have work to do. But from the State Fairgrounds, to doctor’s offices, to retrofitted Metro Transit buses that deliver vaccines where they’re most needed, Minnesotans now have more opportunities than ever to get the vaccine when and where they want to. As cases recede, more people get vaccinated every day, and vaccines are readily available to all who want it, we can now confidently and safely set out our path back to normal.”

Cheers to a "normal" summer!


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