I can hear the high-pitched whine of that drill anytime someone says, "dentist". Dentists are necessary (even in stereotypical Britain). Dental health - like health, in general - is important. Those chairs can be terrifying, though.

I've personally never had a bad experience with a dentist. I still chuckle about the time I got my wisdom teeth removed (-76 IQ points) and was so high on laughing gas that I had a "conversation" with my dentist while he was ripping away. To his credit, he responded like I was making sense.

And then...there's this guy (allegedly)...

A woman (I'll link to Kare 11's article below but won't name names) went to a Minneapolis-area dentist with tooth dissolution on...well, most of her teeth. That's bad.

The dentist allegedly tried to fix all of the problems in one visitEverything. Everywhere. All at once. That sound familiar...

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And now a quick word from our sponsors:

According to the lawsuit, the dentist attempted to give the woman:

  • Four root canals
  • Eight crowns
  • 20 restorations

Okay, not the rings.

95th Annual Academy Awards - Press Room
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That seems a little excessive for a single visit. The woman is suing for $50,000 for pain, suffering, emotional distress, and disfigurement.

The rest of us now have fresh nightmare material. This could be a new horror franchise. Move over, machete-wielding hockey mask guy; The Dentist needs to see you!

To reiterate: these are only allegations at this point. Read the full story here, if you must.


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