UNDATED -- The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is announcing new pike regulations which will go into effect during the 2018 fishing opener.

The DNR is dividing the state of Minnesota up into three zones. Much of the state will be in the North-Central Zone where there is an overpopulation of pike.

Anglers will be able to keep 10 pike, but not more than two longer than 26 inches. The protected slot is 22-26 inches where you must release the fish in that range.

In the Northeast Zone anglers will be able to keep two pike and release all fish 30-40 inches with only one longer than 40 inches allowed. In the Southern Zone, the regulation is intended to grow the pike population and improve the size of fish harvested.Anglers can keep two fish at 24 inches or longer.

The new regulations go into effect with the May 2018 opener. All current pike regulations are in effect for this ice fishing season.

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