During the pandemic, apparently we, as a society, were eating a lot of fast food burgers.  And now, Dairy Queen is taking advantage of that fact, and focusing more on burgers.

Last year, they ran a few tests in various areas of the United States.  And the results found are that we love their chicken strips and their burgers.  More specifically, their "stackburgers".  Stackburgers were on the menu before, but now there are more flavor choices. What is a stackburger specifically?

Signature Stackburgers are made with 100% real seasoned beef and

stacked with their own signature ingredients.

So no matter what you're craving, we've got a burger for that!

There are six different choices, too.  This means something for everyone's taste.  Except for the plant-based burgers.  For now, DQ is staying out of that game, they are leaving that up to McDonald's and Burger King.

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For right now, Dairy Queen is fairly confident that this new focus on burgers will be great for the franchise.  Obviously, they will still have ice cream, but hey, nothing wrong with getting your meal AND dessert at Dairy Queen!

Dairy Queen soft-launched the Stackburgers on Feb. 7 and has so far seen double-digit increases in units sold, without any advertising.

This is according to NBC news.


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