Right before Christmas, a local family was reunited with their missing dog in what is being called a “Christmas Miracle”. 

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The week before Christmas in St. Joseph, Huevo (pronounced Wave-O), a two-year-old yorkie mix got away from his dog sitter and couldn’t be found. Quickly signs were put up and the word was spread around St. Joseph.  

According to the report that aired on Fox 9, Huevo’s owner, Kalina Skillingstad was determined to find the dog. To the point she even took a tarp into the woods near where he was last seen and laid down on it hoping the dog would catch her scent.  

Many people around the community searched for Huevo, drones were even used in the effort to find the little guy. Luckily, just before Christmas, Huevo was found. He had a fracture in one of his legs and surgery was set up to repair that.  

The dog was found about a mile and a half from where he was last seen. Some say the injury that he sustained probably slowed him down in being found. Huevo had also lost nearly a pound while he was loose.  

Being reconnected with the family right before Christmas obviously was a highlight for them, as they were bound to continue to try to find him, even though many people believed the dog was gone, not to be found.  

This is a good opportunity to serve as a reminder to pet owners about microchipping your pets. It's a common practice these days and is considered to be the best practice to help locate your animal if it gets lost or is stolen. You can contact your veterinarian if you have questions about microchipping.   

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