I spent the 2015 Minnesota fishing opener today in my kayak on the Sauk River chain of lakes near Richmond, and ended the day with 4 Small Mouth Bass, 1 Northern, and a Channel Catfish. Apparently the Walleye were scratched from today's lineup.

More often than not I'm a catch & release guy, but I'm not against a good fish dinner. All my fish today lived to see another day. I think the Walleye know that I'm hard pressed to pass on a plate of fresh, fried Walleye nuggets.

What a day from Mother Nature! Given the weather we have endured in past openers, everyone I came across was thrilled with the sunshine, breeze, and mild temps. (M.N. must know tomorrow's Mother's Day, and was on her best behavior hoping for a nice gift.)

It was overflow parking along the road at the Horseshoe access on Highway 22 at Becker & East Lakes just south of Richmond.

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Ok, time to focus on Mom. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.