ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- Governor Tim Walz released his bonding proposal earlier this week. Thursday Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan was in St. Cloud promoting some of the items in his proposal.

She stopped at the MnDOT facility in town.

The MnDOT facility in St. Cloud, there are many highways that go through this area so making sure that we invest there is important.  We are also investing in higher education facilities so of course St. Cloud State - go Huskies - as well as St. Cloud Technical and Community College will see investments.

Two rest areas in our area could also see upgrades in the Governor's proposal.

Flanagan's visit gave local leaders another chance to make their pitch for bonding money to invest in downtown St. Cloud.

St. Cloud is an incredible community and a growing community.  I was just with the mayor and he did his job, he put a plug-in for downtown St. Cloud.  That's where that $40 million in local projects comes into play.  We've got some incredible legislative advocates here.

In the Governor's $982 million bonding proposal, he has $40 million for local unnamed projects. St. Cloud is asking for $100 million spread out over a few years for the downtown.

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Flanagan also toured the New Flyer facility before stopping at the WJON studios. She says there are no specifics yet on dollar amounts for the various facilities.

The Minnesota State Legislative session begins on February 12th.


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