When you work some place, mostly something having to do with retail, there is generally an employee discount that comes along with your employment.  This discount is an employee perk.  That perk usually does extend to at least your immediate family... like people living within the same home.  For example, your spouse, significant other or your kids.  It generally does not extend to your friends or extended family.

This is the situation that happened at the "Most Popular" grocery store in Minnesota.  Hy-Vee. Hy Vee was recently voted as Minnesota's most popular grocery store, and they do have several amenities for the customer, and also, apparently, the employee.  But when those things get taken advantage of, they tend to go away.

Recently, there was a video published on Reddit, that has one of Hy Vee's executives talking about the misuse and fraudulent employee discounts used.  These discounts were used by several people, and in several other cities and sometimes states within a short amount of time.  In other words, that could not have been the actual employee using their discount. It's a discount that has been passed around, which is fraud.


Because of this, Hy-Vee has made the decision to temporarily suspend all employee discounts at this time.  The discount is 10%.  But at certain times of the year, and during special events, the discount can be as much as 20%, and up to 40% on certain items.

This includes a fuel discount, which was being used fraudulently, and also the executives suspect that some of the items purchased at a discount are being resold at the profit of that party.

So, as they continue to investigate this situation, that discount will no longer be available.  No word on how long the "temporary" time will be.

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