Geese. We see them all over the place this time of year. You hear them honking as they fly overhead. They do it as if they're letting everyone know, “Hey, see how awesome our formation looks!” And they do look good. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing an impressive formation of geese flying overhead?

But those geese can be a problem. First of all, they multiply pretty quickly.

At normal reproduction and mortality, a pond or lake with 3 pairs of adult geese can multiple to nearly 50 birds within 5 years. And over 300 in just 10 years. – Minnesota DNR

They also like to set up shop anywhere that provides them with enough food. They especially enjoy parks and golf courses. As a golfer, I’ve had to carefully maneuver around goose droppings like I’m walking through a minefield. You might even find them in your backyard. And once they find a spot they like, they’ll be back year -- after year -- after year -- after year.

Geese can also be aggressive. Especially if babies or a nest is around. If you happen to be out walking and you suddenly find yourself close to them, go in a different direction. I speak from experience. I was bitten by geese when I was young. It left dozens of bruises all over my legs. And these were farming geese we're talking about, not the wild kind. The wild ones are probably packing heat.

All this leads to why there is a goose hunting season. Much like deer, if those hunting seasons didn’t exist, the population would explode, and that would lead to even worse problems -- and a goose would still be one.

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