According to an author from Cold Spring on, the ugliest women in the country live in Minnesota. Do you agree?

This is a VERY controversial topic, because this is simply someone's opinion rather than fact. There is no actual way to prove which cities have the most attractive people - but the internet is a way for people to express those opinions. So, apparently someone think that Minnesota has a terrible female gene pool.

"Anyone noticed? Minnesota is home to the ugliest, fattest, homliest, smart-mouthed, leather-faced women that have ever walked the face of this nation. Why is that? Inbreeding? Genetics? I mean, seriously folks, what the hell is going on here?" - Unknown,

If you read the comments on this page, it would appear that people are 50/50 on the topic. Some people are quick to agree, saying they themselves believe Minnesota has the ugliest women. But then, NICE people on the internet jump to defend Minnesota women. What do you think? Do you agree with this forum? Let us know!

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