Normally this time of year we are all looking forward to the holiday season.  Basically it begins at the beginning of November as people are planning for Thanksgiving, and continues through the beginning of January. Good cheer, decorating, baking, planning for family and friends to arrive from other areas of the country, etc.

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None of that is really happening this year,  thank you COVID-19.  Obviously, there will be some people who will continue as though nothing health-wise is going on.  But the Minnesota Department of Health is urging that we only celebrate Thanksgiving with your immediate family who are residing within the same household.  The fear is that as cases are rising in Minnesota, that it will continue  throughout the holiday season and will eventually flood the hospitals.  Right now the St. Cloud hospital is not at capacity, but cases are  rising.  If people get together for Thanksgiving, with the incubation period for the coronavirus can be anywhere from 2 days to 14 days after exposure, that this will increase as we get closer to Christmas.  Normally there are quite a few parties between Thanksgiving and Christmas with both office holiday parties and private parties.

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Canada had their Thanksgiving on October 8th and now cases are climbing a bit now that it has been about a month. Here in the states, our holidays are much closer, so a month past Thanksgiving would be right when people are celebrating the  Christmas holiday.  That's where the concern comes  in. One of the things that crazy about this virus is that no  on really knows how it will affect you from person to person.  Some people have very mild symptoms and others need hospitalization.  You don't  know what's going to happen until you contract the virus.  So, to keep that from happening, the MDH suggests  not getting together during the holiday season.

How many people do you think will abide by this recommendation?

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