A video of a Minnesota high school basketball game from last fall is going viral. The game was between the East Ridge Raptors and the Prior Lake Lakers.

In the video, you can hear one guy talk about how his dog died getting run over in his driveway. Which is, of course, very sad but begs the question 'why someone would bring that up during a game?'...I'm not quite sure. You don't get to hear any audio before that so you don't get the context of the conversation.

But that's beside the point. It's what the other announcer says after, and I'm not talking about the "OH YES!" he yelled right after the first guy said "run over".

I don't know these guys or the context of the conversation or even their relationship. But I do know this. That's an announcer who's only priority seems to be calling the action on the court no matter what.

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