Looking at some projects around the house for this winter?  I mean, that is when most people in Minnesota start to look at what projects they can do around the house because you know - what else are you going to do?  You are inside a lot more than in the warmer months, so projects seem to pop up.

And as luck would have it, there are a few home shows that happen around this time specifically for the aforementioned time spent inside.

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One of the largest home and remodeling shows in the state happens at the beginning of February.  This particular one happens at US Bank Stadium February 2-4 and if you buy tickets now, you can save $4!  All you have to do is follow this link and provide the code word STADIUM  Easy as that.

There will be some special speakers from HGTV and others.

Press Release:

Speakers at the show include Tamara Day of Bargain Mansions, Lindsey Uselding and Kirsten Meehan of HGTV’s Renovation 911, and Virginia Chamlee the author of Big Thrift Energy. The Minneapolis Home + Remodeling Show is vibrantly designed with FUN in mind.

Some of the projects that you have around the house may not be that huge of an

undertaking, so just saving some money through some of these home shows around

the area might be just what you need.  Or maybe get some ideas for later use.

Check out the Home and Remodeling show - coming to US Bank Stadium the

beginning of February.

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