Remember when all of the ideas for a new state flag were being tossed around?  There were so many different ideas, some were way cooler than others. One that a lot of people liked, but you knew wasn't going to chosen was the laser eye loon idea.

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This flag idea was really kind of off, but yet, would have been so cool as a flag... totally booted to the curb, BUT WAIT - it's being used after all.  Not as a flag, but instead as a library card.

St Paul Public Library
St Paul Public Library

Here is the downside.  While it's great that it's going to be used, it's only available to people living in St. Paul, and only as a library card to the St. Paul public library.  While I do think it's pretty awesome that it's being used, I would love to have a library card with the laser eye loon on it.

Maybe I should consider moving back to St. Paul. Just for the card.  Justifiable?  Sure.

I do kind of wish it was being used as the new state flag, however.  And on that subject, looks like the whole flag debate is still carrying on.  A decision has not yet been made as to if that current design will stay or not.  People were originally able to vote on all of te designs that were submitted.  But then a group of people were commissioned to make the final decision which was not voted on by all Minnesotans.

But you do have to ask... did these people really care about the flag prior to it being changed?  That really is a question to consider.

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