Now, if I remember right, here's how we can tell if somebody is a witch. If a witch ways the same as a duck, then they can float on the water. And because wood floats on water and witches are supposedly made of wood, that’s how we tell if somebody’s a witch. That is if I remember it right from watching Monty Python search for the holy grail. Makes total sense.

Long gone are the days of burning someone based on some paranoia. Back then, it was because there were some people that other people didn't like. And most of the time it was because they were a little too strange or weird. These days, it's considered pretty normal to be a little different.

But the concept of witches themselves has become quite popular over the last fifty years. And certainly not the normal characters that made some people talk about burning them at stake a hundred and fifty years ago. Still, many witches play that evil role in many movies and books.

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From the Wicked Witch of the North -- to Hermione from the Harry Potter series, witches have become a part of mainstream pop culture. And because it's the Halloween season, Spruce decided to find out who is the most popular searched witch for every state.

Minnesota picked a good one.


As you can see, Minnesota's most searched is the White Witch. I loved "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" series of books when I was a kid. The White Witch certainly brings back memories, and Tilda Swinton's portrayal of her was excellent.

I also learned something—the full name of some of these fictional witches. I could not have told you, "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" actually had a last name.

Here are the top searched witches in the U.S.


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