The lottery.  Honestly, I never.. well, almost never play this thing.  Which means I will never win the lottery. As they say, gotta pay to play.  I don't like gambling at all, really.  I just hate losing money.  Even pull-tabs.  It just kills me to put $20 into a box for a bunch of stupid paper.  And- doesn't it seem like if you need the money chances are you will never win, but people who don't need any money seem to win all of the time.  I'm sure that's not true, but it does  seem that way.

Credit: Tim Boyle Getty Stock / Think Stock
Credit: Tim Boyle Getty Stock / Think Stock

So, as of April 8th...pandemic times... the Minnesota Lottery has changed a few things.  The Powerball jackpot used to increase by 10 million minimum each time someone didn't win.  Now, it's increased based on sales.

Due to the changes, you could possibly get a refund.  What?  Seems weird.

Anyway, if you did happen to win the lottery... would you share it?  To me it seems like duh... yeah, I would share it.  But honestly, according to this survey, not everyone feels like that.  This was a survey asking just 2000 people.  But still... here are the results:

24% said they wouldn't want to split their winnings with their significant other.

1 in 6 people would consider ending their relationship if the money would give them an easy way out of the relationship. Obviously, there are other issues there if this is the deal.

And 40 percent of people wouldn't tell anyone if they won.  Well, if you are married, then that's going to come up!  Especially if you file jointly. You can't hide that kind of dough!  So, ya know, good luck with that one.

What would you do?

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