When there is a poll taken that includes the entire country, it's great when something from Minnesota winds up in the top 10.  Top 5 is even better, and that is where we are witth this one.

When Black Friday shopping, people have their own traditions.  And those traditions have changed thoroughout the years, as far as how and where you shop - in person or online.  But if you prefer the in person type, there are some places that rank higher than others.

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Coming in at number 5 is Minnesota's Mall of America.

From Mixbook:

It is a quintessential American Thanksgiving experience that, according to the survey, many Americans aspire to partake in. Not only is the Mall of America the largest shopping center in the U.S., but it also encapsulates an experience that goes beyond mere shopping. It's a spectacle of grandeur and festive ambiance, with extravagant decorations and special holiday-themed events. On Black Friday, they hand out Mystery Scratch-Off Cards to win prizes such as gift cards and ride passes. The immense crowds, dazzling sales, and the electric energy of anticipation for the holiday season make Black Friday at this iconic mall a memory that many wish to create. 

You can get more information on those scratch off cards here - but be aware - you need to get there early to get in on that action.

Minnesota also had something else that was higher ranked that is fun for Thanksgiving.  It's the Drumstick Dash 10K.  You know, work off some calories BEFORE you eat all of those calories.  There is also one locally here in St. Cloud - it's the Wishbone 5K that has been going on for the last 12 years.  This one being the 13th.

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