So, this guy from Minnesota was in Vegas a couple weeks ago and was, by all accounts, having a great time.

Derek was hanging out at the planet Hollywood casino and drinking like a true Minnesotan. well, as a result, Derek ended up blackout drunk. He was still awake at 7 AM and decided to make a long shot parlay bet before going to his room and passing out.


He made two bets on a huge underdog to beat the favorite St Cloud State in the NCAA hockey tournament.  He bet they'd win, and placed another bet that the combined score would be six goals or less. He also bet the Minnesota Timberwolves would win against the Golden State Warriors, which was unlikely.  And he picked the Minnesota Wild to beat the Vegas Golden Knights in the NHL.

In order not to lose his hundred dollars, he had to hit on all four bets. Derek went back to his room at the Holiday Inn and and slept it off. When he woke up, he didn't remember making the bet but found out later he had won $26,000.

Congratulations to Derek.

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