It takes a whole lot of heart to donate one of you organs to save someone, often practically a stranger. Thankfully, there are some really good people out there that do just that.

Imagine needing a kidney or a lung or any other organ just to be able to live. Granted, you're not going to give up your heart or anything that you need to survive yourself.

So, this mom from Cook, Minnesota has a daughter that suffered a severe seizure. The fire department is called in and a firefighter provides aid to the young girl. Just doing his job, end of story, right?


Well, later this mom shows up a community fundraiser and discovers the 66 year old firefighter, that helped her daughter after her seizure, is working as a bartender at the event. She notices that he is wearing a t shirt that said he was looking for a kidney.

The Minnesota mom got tested and they were a match. The transplant happened in February and all is well.

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