All I can say is, it's good to see families doing things together.

A 58 year old Rochester woman,Cynthia Grund, is in big trouble for purposely running over her 37 year old son and causing significant injuries.

According to authorities, the man had been pounding down some booze all day and wanted his mom to give him a ride to his friends house.  an argument ensued and he reportedly laid down in the driveway and said "Why don't you just run over me?", which she then did.  Careful what you ask for.


Cynthia admitted running over her son saying, "He didn't think I'd do it'.  Well, he was wrong and now his mother faces several felony charges. According to authorities, Cynthia was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Turns out Cynthia is the sister of Lois Riess, the woman accused of killing her husband in Blooming Prairie and also killing a woman in Florida while on the run.

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