I'm not one to normally watch the Bachelor or the Bachelorette or any of those shows where there are several women or men vying for the same person.  It's just dumb.  Why would anyone put themselves into that situation?  And then thinking that they have "real feelings" for this person, or even more so, that they "love" said person.  You probably have had all of like a few hours at best, total with this person.  But anyway... that is the premise of these shows.  Dumb or not, there are a few people from Minnesota actually in the competition mix.  Well, there were a few until last night.

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Usually there is a rose ceremony where the bachelor gives roses to the contestants that he feels he still wants to be in the running.  Last week, one of the girls told the bachelor, Matt, about some "bullying" that was occurring in the house.  There were rumors being spread around about a particular girl, and she thought he should know.  So this week, last night, Matt brought it up to the group.  Turns out, my girl Anna was the person starting the rumor.  Well, she didn't start it, the rumor was told to her, and she announced it to the group.  So, by proxy she started the rumor.  Matt decided that she had to "end her journey" right there.

Laura and Anna

Anna is originally from Owatonna, and I actually know her. She said this was totally out of character for her to do this, and I agree!  She isn't a "mean girl".  I wonder if putting yourself in this situation with all of these strangers in a house with no outside contact, does strange things to you.  I see it with other reality shows too like Big Brother.  I wouldn't be able to handle 3 months of that either.

There is still another person from Minnesota in the running. She is a teacher from Edina.  Hopefully she continues on.  Good Luck!  I think... most of these people break up after the show anyway, but you go girl!

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