Olympic Gold Medalist Lindsey Vonn sat down with Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover to discuss her dating life.  This is just off the Oscars, Lindsay was an attendee and there was some buzz about who she would date or not date.

She did say that the highlight was meeting Frances McDormand, who is married to Joel Cohen, who is also originally from the Twin Cities area.  There was some handshake competition going on there... who had the strongest one.  She also mentioned that Frances did not have her Oscar with her at the time, so maybe that was when the guy had run off with it.

Natalie and Kit had to ask about some of her dating prospects.  Remember Tiger?  Well, he's no longer on the list.  But some others are.  Sounds like Chris Pratt has a definite chance, along with John Hamm from Mad Men.  But who did she say "NEVER" to?  Check it out...

Sorry Gronk.

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