I find this to be much more convenient, but according to social media comments, not everyone does.  Some people mention that "the government doesn't want any human contact anymore- only electronic, and that he "won't be going to Kwik Trip anymore". Another person commented that "Kwik Trip will be missing out on business because I would go into pay and buy a snack too".  To be fair, there were several positive comments as well.

Kwik Trip is changing their policy for gas payment beginning on January 3, 2022.  From that date on, the option to go into the building to pay for your gas after pumping it, will end.  The only option will be either pre-pay or to just pay at the pump.

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What is the reason for this?  It's actually pretty simple.  Kwik Trip prides itself on customer service, and when the employees are focused on the pumps outside to make sure no one drives off without paying, it takes away from the customers inside the building. From Yahoo News:

 Kwik Trip spokesperson Dave Niemi...

"When our co-workers spend so much time watching the fuel islands for drive-offs, they can't really focus on guest service in the stores," 

The truck stop versions of Kwik Trip that have the side diesel pumps will be excluded from this change.

Kwik Trip is based in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and has over 700 locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

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