A Minnesota man was arrested recently after pointing a gun at another motorist in Isanti in a case of road rage. The incident required members of the Isanti Sheriff's Office to help recover the gun, which was thrown from the vehicle.

The Isanti Police Department posted about the incident on social media, as part of their 'What Not To Do Wednesday" series.

On June 4, 2024, at approximately 6:20 AM, Officer Rackow was dispatched by Isanti County Dispatch to the area of Whiskey Rd NW and Heritage Blvd NW. The male caller was reporting that a man had pointed a gun at him during a road rage incident. 

While en route, Officer Rackow was informed that the male suspect was also on the phone with dispatch. Officer Rackow asked them to have each of the male parties pull over to the side of the road and wait for his arrival. They both complied. 

Upon arrival, Officer Rackow performed a felony stop on the male suspect. He was briefly detained. A pat down search was completed, and no weapons were found on his person or in his vehicle. I bet you can’t guess no weapons were found. The male suspect indicated that he did not have a gun with him and the only weapon he had was at home in a safe. 

Officer Rackow then spoke to the male victim. He told Officer Rackow that the male suspect had blown a stop sign near the middle school and nearly hit him. He also indicated that the suspect vehicle then went halfway into the ditch, went onto three tires, and continued southbound on Whiskey Rd. At some point, both vehicles pulled over. The male suspect exited his vehicle and brandished his gun towards the victim. The weapon was described as having a silver slide, possibly after-market. While the vehicles were stationary, several other vehicles stopped. It’s at this point that the suspect returned to his vehicle and continued southbound on Whiskey Rd. 

The victim continued to follow the suspect to 273rd Ave NW. It was there that the suspect turned his vehicle around, and the victim observed the suspect possibly throw the gun from the vehicle. I bet you didn’t see plot twist coming. 

When Officer Rackow returned to speak to the suspect, he informed him of what he had learned and asked him if he wanted to change his story. The suspect indicated that he did wish to change his story. The suspect admitted to having the gun, to pointing it at the victim, and throwing it from the vehicle. At this point, the suspect was placed under arrest, handcuffed, and placed in the rear passenger compartment of Officer Rackow’s patrol car. 

Isanti County Deputies Jerome and Oltz located the holster for the weapon on 273rd Ave NW, however, they were unable to locate the firearm. Isanti County Deputy Jake Miller and his K9 partner, Karma, were called in to assist in locating the weapon. Karma searched roughly 80 yards of tall weeds on the roadside, and what do you know - Karma found it - silver slide and all. The magazine and the chambered round were removed from the weapon to make it safe. The firearm was entered into evidence at the Police Department. 

The suspect, who was compliant throughout the incident, was taken to the Isanti County Jail where he was booked on: 

 - 2nd Degree Assault – Felony
 - Negligent Storage of a Firearm – Gross Misdemeanor
 - Obstructing the Legal Process – Misdemeanor 

Additional charges were later added for: 

- Drugs – 5th degree – Felony

- Introduce Contraband into the Jail – Gross Misdemeanor 

Special thanks to Isanti County Deputies Jerome, Oltz and Miller, along with K9, Karma, for their assistance in this case.
Remember to be kind, play nice and keep your hands to yourselves.
The incident, which ended in an arrest, could have ended much differently.
Thanks to the members of law enforcement statewide for keeping our communities safe, as we generally have no idea what you see and do on a regular basis.

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