This is something that you don't see every day.  And the sign/ad is pretty hilarious too.

Redmon's Popcorn, which is located in New Hope, Minnesota had a few minutes of fame before it was closed because of a technicality, and then reopened again.

Here's the story according to Bring Me the News:

The sign for the popcorn shop said that it is having it's grand re-opening and is located 1.207 miles "that way".  Because there is going to be such a run on something located over a thousand miles away from Times Square in New Hope, Minnesota.  But it's fun to see.

Enough people saw this and wanted to try the popcorn.  Score!  But they wound up shutting down for a few days because of a county licensing issue.  This ad was aired originally on November 30th, and in between that time and December 17th, things were worked out, and they were able to re-open.  And by the beginning of the year, Stephen Colbert mentioned that they were open again, things looked up!

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert does a regular focus on small businesses around the country.  It was fun to see them focus on a business in Minnesota.  I do feel like there could be more... but obviously there are several others that are around the country as well.

To celebrate this resurgence, Colbert and The Late Show got Redmon's Popcorn some (very brief) ad time in New York City's Times Square Wednesday, as well as a website plug from the talk show host.

It doesn't matter that it was brief.  Because anyone who saw it will probably think about it any time they happen to be in the MPLS/St. PAUL area.  Like a layover, or whatever it happens to be.  A person might just remember the ad on the Late Show and stop on by for a little popcorn.  Win!

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