Although May started out a little below average, as far as temps go, according to Farmers Almanac this Summer is going to be a hot one. Really hot!

Farmers Almanac
Farmers Almanac

Farmer's Almanac has always been pretty reliable at predicting coming weather. Of course, there is a margin of error since weather patterns are tricky and can change. But for now, the prediction is for a scorching hot Summer.

If you are lucky enough to have a lake place or a backyard pool, staying cool this summer will be a lot easier since there's a pretty good chance most public pools and water parks may be shut down this summer. Maybe get one of those inflatable kiddie pools to lay in and enjoy a cold one.


Normal precipitation with scorching heat is the Almanac's official wording.  They were pretty right on with the Spring forecast. Wet and chilly was their prediction and except for several really nice days, they were pretty close.

If this Summer forecast of a "scorcher" comes to be, it might be a good idea to get your air conditions serviced and of course, always have an ample supply of cold beer.

(2020 Farmer's Almanac)

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