A Minnesota State Patrol trooper made a pretty big pot bust in Olmsted County over the weekend. He pulled over a car with South Dakota plates for a minor traffic violation. The trooper said he noticed signs of drug trafficking and brought the drug sniffing dog out.

According the the report the trooper filed “ The dog alerted to the vehicle almost immediately.”

After the "hit" from the drug sniffing dog, the trooper checked the trunk and found a duffel bag with 17 bags of the "happy leaf".  That alone would have been a pretty good haul but there was more. also found in the duffel bag were 32 pounds of THC concentrate.

According to the "criminal" complaint  “When asked about what was found, Defendant stated it was “hemp” but was unable to provide any documentation to prove that.“

When tested for hemp, the test came back negative. Evidently, the contraband packed a bit more punch. In total 49 pounds of marijuana and THC concentrate were confiscated.

The trooper noted  “This amount is much larger than a personal use amount and was very likely possessed with the intent to distribute.”

Jacob Vanvleet, 31 of Angola, Indiana was taken into custody.

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The trooper noted that there was a second vehicle that seemed to be traveling with Vanvleet.

“Each vehicle was occupied by a single male driver. This is a common tactic of drug traffickers to have a decoy car bearing source state plates to distract from the second vehicle with regional plates.

The trooper also noted:

“ While conducting the stop, the driver of the Washington plated vehicle passed and looked over as if he was traveling with the driver of the South Dakota plated vehicle.“

We can all be thankful for Minnesota's antiquated marijuana laws, making it possible to keep this marijuana off the street before somebody got ahold of some and ordered a pizza or wrote a poem or something nefarious like that.

Finally, we certainly can't fault the trooper.  He was just doing his job.

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