Here we go again.

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I swear it's always a game to watch a Minnesota Vikings game. Which network will I be able to catch the game? What day is it on? What time is the game at?

I realize every team goes through this, but for some reason this year seems to be more annoying than usual. My favorite Sunday routine is this: wake up, go to church, check fantasy football before kickoff and watch the Vikings by noon.

It's simple and I like when it's simple like that. (This might make me really Minnesota or old, I'm not sure) This year, there have been way too many complications, such as, later in the day games like the first game of the season against Green Bay Packers was a 3:25 p.m. game. Followed immediately by a Monday night game against the Eagles. Finally on week 3, we got to what I like to call "regular schedule". Only to go right over to London in week four and be up early to watch a game at 8:30.

Now again, I realize this is the pettiest rant ever, over when our team plays, but I like the noon football game the best and when you've become more used to watching your team at that time, you just like it, or I at least like it.

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Fast forwarding to this weekend now, week 15, where we are playing the Indianapolis Colts. For the longest time, we didn't even actually know when we would be playing, there was a big TBD next to it. Then this got shared:

Turns out the reason for the TBD, is because the NFL was going to have teams play games on Saturday and low and behold we drew the short straw on that one and we play not only on Saturday but the FIRST game at noon. Which a noon game is great, but again, I'd prefer it be the next day, Sunday, instead.

They're just lucky it didn't interfere with my favorite college's playoff game. The NDSU Bison has been my team since I was a little girl, I have fond memories of my grandpa taking me too games back then. Thankfully, they're game is played on Friday at 6pm and NOT on Saturday. But I do believe the NCAA and NFL work on it so there aren't conflicting schedules, but still, I'm ranting here!

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If you haven't been able to tell yet, I am passionate about my football. Though I might not know everything on why they do this or that, I still love watching my teams and I don't appreciate having to always play a game to watch the game. Yes, I'm aware Saturday games aren't unusual this time of the year as the season begins to "crescendo" (as I once read) and leads up to the playoffs coming up in January. But at the end of the day, I just want a game played on Sunday at noon and not have to play the game of when to watch.

Thank you for letting me have a moment to get that off my chest and before I let you go, be warned. This week we play on Saturday and NEXT week we also play on Christmas Eve at noon, which is, yep you guessed it, also a Saturday. Well played NFL, well played.


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