A bunny cafe.  Is this something that we need in our lives?  We talk about other pets able to be adopted, why not bunnies?  There are cat cafes, I guess why not bunnies?  The problem I see is that they poop a lot, and they, well, ya know... as the saying goes, they ____________like rabbits.  So, there's that.

Bunny cafe- go fund me page
Bunny cafe- go fund me page

But if you love these little furry, playful creatures, it might be kind of relaxing.  You can sit, have a latte, read and have some bunnies hopping around next to you. And maybe you'll like one or more so much that you'll want to adopt a bunny.

This cafe is still in the planning stage, as there is a go-fund me page with a goal of $18,000.  So far, they have raised just over a grand of that goal. The plan is to open later this Summer, early Fall, by mid-September. Anyone can donate if they choose to.

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The Go-Fund-Me page has this statement:

Our small team is thrilled to open Book Bunny Cafe, the first rabbit cafe of its kind in Minnesota. This rabbit-centric reading hub is the merging of our two favorite things: books and buns. For over a decade, we have been fortunate to welcome many sweet rabbits into our own homes, and we are so excited to share their playful personalities with you at Book Bunny Cafe this summer of 2021.

I'm kind of on the fence about hanging out in a cafe, eating some kind of pastry, having a coffee, reading and having bunnies potentially hopping all over the area.  Although, if you are having said pastry and latte in the "Bunny Cafe" you would probably be ok with this.  Right?  At least it would be interesting, and possibly relaxing.

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