A Minnesota woman has a fond love for eagles, and watching them has become a hobby of hers for the past decade.

According to a news report, Nancy Nygaard has been watching one nest on Grey Cloud Island for quite some time, and watched the same two parent eagles return again and again each year.

In her experience of watching the nest, she says that the pair usually has 2 eaglets a season, and occasionally 3. That's why this year she was surprised when she saw not one; not two; not three, but FOUR eaglets peaking out of their nest!

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Minnesota DNR
Minnesota DNR


Last year, we watched on the DNR EagleCam, as the nest fell out of the tree that had been holding it for many years, with its only eaglet that did not survive. It was heartbreaking after watching the parents care for their baby through a very snowy spring.  I was excited to see that Nancy's nest is full of eagles, and it's amazing to me that the parents are caring for all four of their young.

Nancy said, "We're just all excited they have made it this far."


Nancy waited for several hours to get some good photographs of the young eagles and said that she had to look closely to make sure she didn't miss any of them. After about three hours of observation, their mother came back to them with some fresh food, and it brought them all together.

According to Nancy, the eaglets are practicing moving their wings to get ready to fly. She thinks that the eaglets are approximately 9 to 11 weeks old and that it won't be long before they are all moving on for their next journey beyond the nest.

Nancy provides weekly updates on the eaglets on the Facebook page of the National Eagle Center. (Below).

You can also watch the report that aired on the news recently below.



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