I always have enjoyed aspects of both the winter and summer olympics.  Not all of the events, but some events of each season of the games.

We, as Americans always will cheer on the athletes and hope that the USA will take home the most medals.  And honestly, USA is generally high up in the medal count.  At least in the top 3... usually.

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When there is someone from the home state, that makes it even more exciting to watch in hopes that the athlete from Minnesota will do very well.  Even if you don't personally know the person, it's fun to cheer them on.  Bring some recognition to Minnesota.

This time Minnesota's representation (at least so far, hopefully there will be more) comes in the form of Dakotah Lindwurm.  She qualified for the Paris Olymics over the weekend in Orlando, Florida.  She came in third in the Olympic Marathon Team Trials.

Lindwurm is a native of St. Francis, competing in cross country and track and field in high school. She was even a goaltender on the hockey team. Lindwurm went on to Northern State University in South Dakota where she walked onto the cross-country team. After college, she started running with Minnesota Distance Elite and won Grandma's Marathon in 2022.

The 2024 Paris Olympics kick off on July 26. 

Track and Field is one of the most watched events during the Summer Olympics.  Hopefully we will see more athletes from the area qualify... but it will still be fun to watch and see how the

United States does during the games.  Get ready to chant... USA! USA! USA!!

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