If you love your Starbucks coffees and you would like to get discounts on flights through Delta Airlines, this is exactly what you want.

Delta Sky Miles has always been available through their AMEX card, and there are a few other outlets to score some miles toward flight rewards by using your card at Ticketmaster, Lyft and AirBnB.  Now, you can earn rewards just by drinking that daily cup of joe from Starbucks.

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Delta Airlines and Starbucks have teamed up.  You can link your Starbucks rewards with your Delta Sky Miles rewards by going to deltastarbucks.com or starbucksdelta.com

And, if you do this by the end of this year, you will receive 500 bonus miles and also 150 Star rewards after a qualifying purchase.  Also, the more miles you rack up with the Delta rewards, the more free coffee you will receive through Starbucks and their rewards program.

Starbucks had announced earlier this year that they were planning on partnering with several other brands, so expect more announcements on how to take advantage of more rewards and discounts. Who doesn't like getting cheap, discounted or free stuff, right?  Especially if those discounts can possibly help you get somewhere warm in the middle of a Minnesota winter.

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