When the Christopher Columbus statue was torn down, we asked what Central Minnesotans thought would be a suitable replacement, if there was ever going to be a replacement. Not surprisingly, it was a mixed bag of legitimate responses, humorous responses, and some 'I'm upset about the whole thing' responses. 


The Funny


"The Dad who won’t ask for directions on a road trip” Explore Minnesota! - John Hennessy


Verne Gagne putting the sleeper hold on Nick Bockwinkel. Disagree? ......fight me. - Rick Sura


Leave it empty as an homage to the Vikings trophy room - Zeke Fuhrman


The Legit


Judy Garland or Prince (but I’m sure some donkey will bring up that they both died as a result of drugs) so how about Henry Schoolcraft, the guy that discovered that Lake Itasca is the headwaters of the Mississippi. (I had to google his name) - Lynette Eder


Prince - Gary Kunstal


Paul Bunyan - Denise Hegna


Alan Paige for his Viking and Supreme Court legacy. - Keith Morton


Upset About Statute Being Torn Down


Nothing ... Because no matter what or who it might be it will somehow offend someone for some reason. - Carol Pohl


Put something else there to be destroyed...what is the point? - Kathleen R. Shamp


Put it back.... it's part of our history. Tired of all the rioters acting like thugs and a-holes. Grow up! - Patti Krebs



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