If you guessed Wisconsin....you are correct.

But why would we dislike a state that we're obviously better than? Other than a football team that has actually won championships and cheese, Minnesota is just a better state. We really should be feeling sorry for them.

But don't feel guilty hating our neighbors to the east, we're not bad people because we do. We're just doing what's in your nature, or maybe our nurture, or both.

We Minnesotans have had that "mentality" ingrained in us since we were born to dislike the cheese-head state for any reason we can think of.

Some of that dislike is because of our sports rivalries. And let's be honest, there is some jealousy about that whole football thing mentioned earlier.

For others, it might be because they had to cross the border to buy booze there on Sunday's for many years and it still bothers them (again jealousy).

And for a lot of other Minnesotans,  it's just because...well...it's Wisconsin (no jealousy).

But why be jealous at all? More Wisconsinites have moved to Minnesota than the other way around. So quite a few realize that Minnesota is better. In fact, I know only two people that moved to Wisconsin from Minnesota. Both because of family reasons...not because they really wanted too.

So we can stop hating on Wisconsin. Let them have their cheese and their football championships. We'll go on knowing we're just a better state.

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And what’s really interesting (and a little curious) is no other state disliked Minnesota. It probably helps that we're surround by states that dislike neighboring states more.

Some things I found interesting when I looked at the map was:

  • Florida has some real self hatred issues happening
  • Both Dakota’s don’t like the other. Maybe the should combine into one state, that way they can be like Florida.
  • Wisconsin hates Illinois. It gotta be that Bears/Packers rivalry.
  • New York hates New Jersey and New Jersey hates everyone.
  • And the entire west hates California. .

If you’re not from Minnesota, check out the map and see what state you're supposed to loath.

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Thanks to everyone who voted. Tag someone from an enemy state.

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