Running.  People who run are very passionate about it.  And they always talk about that "runners high".  I myself have never run far enough to ever experience that phenomenon.  But I'll trust the experts.

Last year the Twin Cities marathon was cancelled because the weather was too hot.  It was cancelled abruptly - last minute decision.  But in a situation like that, it's going to be a last minute decision.  But if you were either ready to run, or if you were ready to cheer on a runner, this was hugely disappointing.  But safety first.  And everyone does recognize that, but still a bummer.

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Maybe that is one of the things that is pushing another annual marathon to be extremely popular.  Grandma's Marathon in Duluth has been a staple in the month of June since 1977.  At that time, there were only 150 participants.  Now, this year, it has already sold out to 9,500 participants.  That is close to, but has not overcome the record sell out that happened in 2016.

Grandma's Marathon will be held June 22, 2024.  There are events leading up to the actual race that will be held days ahead of race day.

If you didn't sign up in time, there are still ways for you to get into the race.

If you are running, or if you just want to connect with other participants that are running the race, there are places to do that and groups to join.

Or, you can just join me and SO MANY others, that will just cheer from afar - along the way and marvel at "how can people do this".

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