When planning a vacation with your significant other or the entire family, there are certain things that you will want. Especially when it comes to a hotel.  There are a few "musts".

For me, the most important thing is cleanliness.  Disinfectant too.  Have you seen some of those shows that show the gross stuff in a hotel room?  And these were really nice hotels too!  Yuck.  I usually bring my own cleaning wipes.  Seriously.

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According to this survey. the number one thing that people said they wanted in a hotel was NOT a comfortable bed, not a great selection of pillows, amenities, a clean room, an iron, a hairdryer, or regular things like that.  The number one thing that people wanted in a hotel was....


Fast internet service was the most important thing that people who are on vacation in a hotel.

Some of the other things included 

Fast Wi-Fi

A king-sized bed

A smart TV

Attractions nearby

A restaurant in the building

A fitness center

Online check-in and check-out

A personal hot tub

A personal bathtub  (what the heck?  What is the alternative?)

A spa

I will be honest, when I go on vacation, I do want most of those things to be available, mostly because then I know that it's a really nice hotel.  Do I use most of those things? Probably not.  If I'm on vacation for something like a week or so, I will use the fitness center maybe once or twice, or I'm not working out.  Generally if you are on vacation, you want to relax and forget about the normal day to day grind.

You are on vacation, do you really want to continue to work remotely?  That seems like you're not even on vacation at that point.  But I suppose some jobs don't allow you to completely forget about work, so that might also be the reason that people want fast internet.  Not is more frustrating that slow WiFi.

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