It's here... almost.  The annual Amazon Prime Day.  It's the day that some people wait to purchase some bigger ticket items so that they can save even more money. This year Amazon Prime day will extend over two days, June 21 and 22.  So, just about a week and a half away.


Amazon Warehouse Employees Prepare For Their Busiest Time Of Year
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Some of the most popular items last year were Crest white strips,  Air pods pro, an Echo dot, Fire TV Stick 4K- I got this one, and I'm very glad that I did, and it's really reasonably priced.  Also a Life Straw.  This is something that you may use for camping, hiking, or if you are any sort of a survivalist.  This device will remove bacteria and any other sort of parasite that could be ingested if you drank water that hasn't been cleaned and/or filtered.  And it actually works for up to 1000 gallons of water.  That's significant.  It's something that could come in handy, it's lightweight and easy to store.  It's normally $20 but for Amazon Prime Day you can pick it up for less than $15.  Either way, that's a really inexpensive way to clean some water to drink.

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Last year there was about $14 billion spent on Amazon Prime Day.  But, also, people were sitting at home and just looking over everything they could get to make time at home more enjoyable.  Will it have the same potential this year?  Maybe.  Also, last year it was delayed and happened in October.  This year it is back on track, actually even earlier than it normal July launch- ready to get you the deals you may need/want to make your Minnesota summer great. Deals on outdoor patio furniture are expected to be a big seller.  That, along with some other yard essentials.

Some deals have already been implemented, so check to see what the price is now on an item you may want. Plus, big box stores are joining this train by giving customers some pretty great deals on their products as well.  That way there's no membership fee, shipping time or other delays, and no worries about porch pirates.  So, keep watch on that particular situation.  Everyone knows that it's Amazon Prime day, and the would-be porch pirates will be on the look out for boxes on doorsteps.

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