Two weeks is longer than a typical Minnesota playoff appearance, so if there's a silver lining to this...uh, I guess the bar can be set that low.

Minnesota's return to the Arena Football League lasted two weeks into its first season before yeeting itself into the history books...albeit with a very short chapter.

Minnesota Myth Has Been Shut Down Two Weeks Into its Inaugural Season

I've had jobs that didn't last two weeks, but at least my exit didn't cause my co-workers' sudden unemployment.

Minnesota Myth President/Owner Diana Hutton - wife of Arena Football League commissioner Lee Hutton III - told players (via letter) to return their gear and go home. The letter also said, "I was working hard to obtain additional funding for the team. However, the timing to finalize the deal cannot be done within the next two days"

Holy $#*!, shouldn't all your funding for the season be "obtained" long before the season even starts?

It's Not Me, It's You

Hutton accused the league (that her husband commissions) of trying to sabotage the team to force H3rd to resign as commissioner.

The dominoes began to tumble when Myth head coach Rickey Foggie abruptly resigned last week.

The franchise's Wikipedia page already refers to the team in the past tense.

On the plus side, Minnesota's getting a new NA3HL team in-time for this fall's season.

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