When I was growing up I found it fascinating at the amount of foods that people in Minnesota will put ketchup on.  It's like Minnesota's favorite "dip".

I do understand that it's not an actual dip. It's really just a condiment like mustard or bbq sauce. Minnesota's favorite dip is probably more like onion dip  But because of the amount of people that put ketchup on almost everything, it's getting put into the dip category.

I grew up with the thought instilled in me that if you are putting ketchup on meat, other than a hamburger, that it is an insult to the cook, or it's just a crappy piece of meat.  Because why would you put ketchup on steak? Imagine if you grilled a steak to "perfection" and someone dumped ketchup on it before even trying the thing.  Would you be insulted?

I also understand why you would put ketchup on pot roast, because again, not a great grade of meat.  Go ahead and add some ketchup.  But steak??  Absolutely not. And also, don't cook that thing until it's burned to a crisp, either.  Am I someone that wants a steak so rare that it's "mooing"? No.  But a nice medium is workable.

Back to the ketchup thing.  In a survey. people were asked what they would put ketchup on.  The biggest thing was meatloaf.  Ok, that's basically a hamburger in loaf form, so that's ok. 73% of people thought that was acceptable.

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Scrambled eggs. I think this one is also strange.  Although salsa is pretty good on scrambled eggs but for some reason only in Mexico.  I don't know why.  It just doesn't taste the same back home.

How about a grilled cheese?  I have seen one or two people doing this.  I think it's not great.  And yes, I did take a bite to find out.  Ish.

Popcorn?  Yes, 4% of people surveyed did that.  What the heck?

Cake.  CAKE?????  Who would even ask that question?  Why is that even on the survey?

Pasta?  C'mon.  There are tomato based sauces for that, not boring ketchup.  Which definitely tastes different and not nearly as good as a regular pasta sauce, tomato based or otherwise.  Just not ketchup.

Do you put ketchup on anything "weird"?

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