This past week, on the morning show, we talked about favorite Super Bowl foods in different states including Minnesota (see map below). According to the study, eleven of those states had cocktail weenies number one.

It was based on "Google search volume " but I called B.S. on this because I don't know one person in my life who has ever said cocktail weenies is their favorite. And it's number one in Wisconsin? Not some cheese related thing?

I asked around the office and even asked listeners on Facebook and not one person said cocktail weenies. Now, I'm not saying there isn't anyone in Minnesota who would say it, I'm sure there are some. I just don't think the majority would.

So what is? Well, I'm sure it would vary from study to study, survey to survey. Last year I posted a blog that said Taco's were number one. The Today Show did a segment the other day where white chicken chili was tops. So who really knows.

What we do know is when you go to a Super Bowl party you're going to find things like pizza, wings, sliders, meatballs, all kinds of dips and yes, maybe cocktail weenies. The top two answers I got this year from co-workers were wings and buffalo chicken dip. Here is what we got on Facebook.

Wings...but not too spicy

- Becky


- Heather

Taco dip

- Carolyn


- Jennifer

Wings and Buffalo chicken dip

- Travis

Chips and dip.....guacamole, salsa, nacho cheese

- Marissa

Sloppy Joe's!!

- Rene

Buffalo chicken dip

- Jody

Bbq meatballs

- Deanne

Taco dip

- Krystal


- Linda


- Rocky


Looks like wings might be Minnesotans favorite Super Bowl food.
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