We all google search weird stuff. It may not always be strange to us at the time, but if we look back at some of our search histories, there may be a few things that we wouldn't go around bragging about.

Zippia.com decided to look into what each state was googling over the last few months to see what stuck out over other states. Here's what they found out.

Using Google Trends, we determined the most interesting thing each state was googling more than any other state during quarantine. Google searches are a great way to learn more about people, because people Google pretty transparently, with no self-conscious thoughts.  - Zippia.com


Credit: Zippia.com
Credit: Zippia.com


The quarantine period they used was from April 2020 to August 2020.

We searched hundreds of terms ranging from outdoor activities to DIY, copious foods and drinks, self-improvement…and not self-improvement. Interesting is subjective, selected based on what we thought was the most fun. Your opinion may vary. - Zippia.com


So, the most interesting thing about Minnesota (compared to other states) was we googled boxed wine more than any other. Hmm. Well, no matter how you look at it, it makes us look like drinkers (which we are, and there's no shame in our game, right?). It also shows that we are cheap as well (and we can always blame COVID for that).

But when you look at other states, Minnesota is not even close to the weird category. Let's check out our neighbors:

  • Wisconsin: "Bloody Mary" (Minnesotans are way ahead of you)
  • South Dakota: "How to move to Canada" (sorry SoDak, we've got dibs)
  • North Dakota: "365 Days" (not even sure what that means, and it wasn't worth looking it up)
  • Iowa: "Stock Tank Pool" (Ummm...I got nothing, that's a great idea)

Source: Zippia.com

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