Minnetonka Moccasins were something that everyone wore at one time or another when I was in high school, and it continued from there.  The most popular item at that time with their "driving moc".  It seems like everyone had a pair.

Fast forward to now, they are still making footwear, but they have now dropped the "moccasin" from their name.  This happened a few years ago.  I recently bought some slippers and noticed that it just said "Minnetonka".

I found out through "Bring Me the News" that it was in 2008 when they dropped the "moccasin" part of their name.

Minnetonka Moccasin seems to have dropped many mentions of the word "moccasin" on its website and in the CEO's statement, referring to itself as just "Minnetonka." The company previously dropped "moccasin" from its logo in 2008, and has since redesigned its logo to no longer include Native-inspired symbols it had appropriated. 

This company has been around for several years, decades, really.  And they have been using the idea and images of the Native American culture.  They have since realized that this wasn't the way to go and have issued an apology.  Yesterday was Columbus Day.  But we (as a society) have realized that there should be a new meaning to this day and not necessarily celebrate a guy who wasn't the best person and this day needs an upgrade and change.  Some states, Minnesota being one of them, made it "Indigenous Peoples' day.  Probably the way it should always have been- the people originally in America.  So, Minnetonka (the company) took the appropriate time yesterday to issue an apology:

"We deeply and meaningfully apologize for having benefited from selling Native-inspired designs without directly honoring Native culture or communities," CEO David Miller said on Monday, which marks Indigenous Peoples' Day in Minnesota. 

They have now begun to work directly with the Native American culture when it comes to their products.  Probably the way it should always have been.

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