We've been hearing it all.  Costco is making some big changes.  Most of which refer to the membership situation.

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They have also been making some changes to their food court.  Before 2020, non members should eat in the food court.  Not any more.  I'm not sure why that changed, but it did.  So, now you do need a membership to take part in the great deals such as the $1.50 hot dog and a refillable soda deal.

Recently, Costco also announced that they would be taking away the churros and replacing them with a chocolate chip cookie.  I myself had never tried the churros, but apparently they were very popular and with them going away, some people are looking for an alternative.

I am here to tell you that there is one... now.  And that alternative is now available at Subway sandwich shop.

Not only churros, but also a foot long pretzel and a chocolate chip cookie.  And these aren't just Subway made "sidekicks".  They are Auntie Annie's pretzels and the churros are Cinnabon churros.  Yum!  This MIGHT just be an improvement over the Costco churro.

These are avaiable at St. Cloud area Subways now.  Not sure if they were adding these because of the fact that Costco dumped theirs, but it certainly was timely.  Might be a total coincidence, but hey - who cares?  It's something new that you can take advantage of, if you'd like to, along with your sub sandwich.

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