Johnny U is at it again.  This time he brought two jokes.  Well, actually he's been doing that for a few weeks now.  He thinks if one bombs, then the next one will be great.  Never works.

Today he brought in a joke about a misunderstanding the of course a golf joke.  Neither were very good.  In face, he got crickets for both jokes!  That doesn't happen that often.  Usually one will at least get a courtesy chuckle.  Not today!

Told ya!  Back joke Friday hits again and doesn't disappoint!  I have no idea where John picks up these jokes.  But he needs a new source.  I even got him a joke book... as a joke. And he hasn't even looked at it.  It's like 1000 pages too!!  Why wouldn't you even look at the thing?  Learn from people who know what a good joke is... at least that's what I say.  But no, Johnny U is going to do it his way.. cue Frank Sinatra.


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