Cue up the Brad Paisley, as Minnesota fishermen are at staring open water on area lakes at the end of December. One Central Minnesota bait & tackle shop is offering a discount for anyone who shows up to their shop in Garrison with a boat in tow.

I'll start off by saying I saw this on the internet so it must be true, but the Garrison Sports Bait & Tackle shop posted the offer to social media yesterday afternoon, and people took notice.

The Malmo public access is wide open to launch your boats. We are offering 20% off bait for anyone that shows up with their boat until the lake freezes! We have lots of shiners, suckers and fatheads in stock and more bait coming tomorrow. Go get em ladies and gentlemen!

The post has been shared more than 100 times.

The post from Garrison Sports led to a few additional posts in the Mille Lacs Lake Facebook group asking about any other boat accesses that might be open, as Malmo is on the northeast side of the lake.

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Many of those asking about other boat accesses were told that the majority of the ice remaining on Lake Mille Lacs is on the southern side, meaning any 'open' boat access ramps would be found closer to the north side of the lake than the south.

Minnesotans seem to be taking advantage of the late boating season, a group of waterskiing Minnesotans were spotted recently in Spicer. 

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