I love watching the Food Network.  The competition shows are so fun and creative.  They have baking shows for just about every holiday.  The competitors come up with some really involved and creative ideas using so many elements that take a lot of work and precision to execute.

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This time, it's the Spring Baking Championship.  And this time there is a competitor from Minnesota.  Jai Xiong is a pastry chef from Savage.  This is her description from the Food Network's website:

Jai has been in the culinary industry for a decade and was thrilled to open her own baking business in 2021. She specializes in making wedding cakes and told us that she always "bakes with love."

KARE 11 also did a story on her journey which you can check out here.  

If you are unfamiliar with these baking shows, they are generally given a task to complete within a certain amount of time.  That includes all the preparing and baking and things don't always go as planned.  They present their results to the judges, and they make a decision as to who gets the best of the week, which includes a reward for the next round. The baker at the bottom knows that they are on the chopping block each week.

The winner gets the cash prize of $25,000 and they usually say that they will use the money to expand their business or something along those lines.

The show airs on the Food Network each Monday at 7pm CST. But if you happen to miss one, they are usually aired again throughout the weekend, and also the previous week's episode is usually aired right before the current episode.  So lots of chances to watch what you may have missed.  Or, just set the DVR.

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