If you're looking to celebrate St Patrick's Day alcohol-free, there's a new sober bar opening in St Paul this weekend.

Club Throw Down Sober Bar celebrates their grand opening, starting tonight!

A Place to Be Social Without Getting Sloshed

Of course us sober folk can go to a regular bar and just not drink; that's not the point of a sober bar. The point is that we sober folk can go to a bar and be around other sober folk, because few things are worse (nightlife-speaking) than being sober in a room full of drunks.

Anyone who's been a designated driver can relate.

Club Throw Down Sober Bar via Facebook
Club Throw Down Sober Bar via Facebook

Club Throw Down Sober Bar will open tonight (3/15/24) at 9pm, with the festivities being hosted by Minnesota comedian Bianca Dennie.

Despite being a "sober bar", the establishment is 21+ so that sober adults can be around sober adults.

There's free parking available (first come/first serve), street parking, and the club is right along the bus line if you don't feel like driving. There'll even be an outdoor portion of the party!

$11.11 cover at the door, with food provided by Big Shows BBQ & Griddle. Saturday will feature live performances and karaoke...wait, is it federally legal to sing karaoke while sober? Must be.

The drinks will be provided by Sips Drinks.

Cheers to a new establishment for us soberists to hang out at, without kids, because what's worse than being sober in a room full of drunks?

Picture Chuck E. Cheese on a Saturday afternoon. When you stop screaming, check out Club Throw Down Sober Bar!

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