Missing out on the Great Minnesota Get Together?  This has been such a huge bummer that the fair, along with almost every other event has been cancelled this year.  And let's be honest, most people go to the fair for the food. Of course, there are a ton of other attractions, but VERY surrounded by FAIR FOOD!

Crowds Flock To Iowa State Fair For A Taste Of Agricultural Bounty
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So, what will be do without our fair food fix?  This is pretty cool.  There is now a Facebook group that has been created so that we know where vendors are going to be setting up throughout the summer.  Yes, the vendors that are normally at the fair the end of August through Labor Day, will be setting up around the twin cities area throughout the summer so we are all able to get that delicious deep fried fair food we all know and love!

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A woman from Falcon Heights decided that she would create a Facebook Group and invited 100 friends.  Her name is Lori Lexvold.  Her son got an invite and invited more people, and now this group has grown up to over 79 thousand members.  WOW, right?

The group is public, and you can invite your friends and add to it, post to the group, whatever you would like to add.  Maybe you know of a vendor that is selling delicious fair food... let them know.  I'm sure that everyone would appreciate that.

So, even though it might be heartbreaking that we are all going to miss everything that the Great Minnesota Get Together brings...we don't have to miss out the cheese curds, mini donuts, and many things on a stick.

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