Living in Minnesota, we all have experienced those scary, white knuckle driving experiences during the winter. Poor visibility, whiteout conditions and you just don't know what's ahead.

Tree Lined-up Snowplows Clearing the Highway

Slow moving cars, snowplow or and accident? You just don't know until it's almost too late. MnDOT is now testing some technology on Interstate 35.  This technology will activate signs to warn drivers of slow moving vehicles ahead.

If and when MnDOT implements this technology it could make driving in winter conditions a lot safer.  Using roadside warning signs, this technology will warn motorists of slow moving traffic ahead.

After a snowplow activates a digital sign, a message will pop up on a sign warning motorists with messages like "Snowplow Ahead, Use Caution".  This is bound to make driving in winter conditions safer.

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According to MnDOT data from the past few years, there have been many crashes where a car has rear ended a snowplow. This can happen fairly easily since snowplows tend to kick up a cloud of snow making them difficult to see.

“Alerting motorists that they’re approaching a slow-moving snowplow can improve safety for our operators and motorists,” said Ron Heim, MnDOT maintenance supervisor in Owatonna. “MnDOT is focused on safety and we think this use of technology will help everyone on the road.”

As of now, 10 MnDOT snowplows working I35 from Iowa to Northfield, MN are equipped with the technology to activate warning signs. These signs could also be used year round to warn of road work ahead or accidents.

If this technology testing is successful, we can expect to see this expand all through the state.

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